table of contents

Spring 2020 issue

table of contents

A Poem; Nabakov’s Butterfly [一首诗;纳博科夫的蝴蝶]

written by Shuguang Zhang
translated from Chinese by Yi Feng

Bitter Song [Canción Amarga]

written by Julia de Burgos
translated from Spanish by Heta Patel

To My Mother; He Who Lost Everything [A ma mère; Celui qui a tout perdu]

written by David Diop
translated from French by Samantha DeStefano

Diary [日记]

written by Haizi
translated from Chinese by Zhiqiao (Kate) Jiang

Five Poems

written by Vladimir Mayakovsky
translated from Russian by Jianing Zhao

Little Lessons in Eroticism [Pequeñas lecciones de erotismo ]

written by Gioconda Belli
translated from Spanish by Sam Friskey

Valet [Valet]

written by Erich Arendt
translated from German by Robert Chen

Ah Motherland, Dear Motherland [祖国啊,我亲爱的祖国]

written by Shu Ting
translated from Chinese by Anne Chen

Scissiparity [La Scissiparité]

written by Georges Bataille
translated from French by Cory Austin Knudson

After everything, still you [Dopo tutto anche tu]

written by Alda Merini
translated from Italian by Quinn Gruber

Sonnet 1 [Sonnet 1]

written by Théophile Gautier
translated from French by Shiven Sharma

A Trial Race [תחרות לנסיון]

written by Nathan Alterman
translated from Hebrew by Dan Ben-Amos

Grave News at Dawn, Great Tidings at Dusk [清晨的噩耗,黄昏的捷报]

written by Zhang Ergun (张二棍)
translated from Chinese by Kejia Wang

Staff Translation [死なうかと]

written by Masajo Suzuki
translated from Japanese by DoubleSpeak Staff

Winter Heart; To the Poet [겨울 마음; 시인에게]

written by 이상화 Yi Sang-hwa
translated from Korean by Emily Yoon

An Interview with Emily Yoon

by Yuxin (Vivian) Wen and Rhosean Asmah

Shadow of the Coming Days; A Word’s Wish [Sombra de Los Dias al Venir; El Deseo de La Palabra]

written by Alejandra Pizarnik
translated from Spanish by Maria Lourdes Riillo

Conversation; [You who cried two thousand years] [Dialogue; [Vous qui avez pleuré deux mille ans]]

written by Charlotte Delbo
translated from French by Rhosean Asmah

The Holy Land [La terra santa]

written by Alda Merini
translated from Italian by Carla Rossi

Farewell Violin [Violon D’Adieu]

written by Émile Nelligan
translated from French by Aylin Malcolm

A French Minstrel and an Italian Lady [Domna, tant vos ai prejada]

written by Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
translated from Old Occitan and Genovese by Samantha Pious

a sun did not rise [والله ما طلعت شمسٌ]

written by Al-Hallaj
translated from Arabic by Michael Karam

A bookworm [Ein Leseast]

written by Paul Celan
translated from German by David Ting

Preaching to Women [อันนัยน์ตาพาตัวให้มัวหมอง]

written by Sunthorn Phu
translated from Thai by Peeriya Pongsarigun and John Viano

Mirror []

written by Shu Ting 舒婷
translated from Chinese by Shuke Zeng

Crossing [بعد ‬]

written by Mohammad Ali Bahmani
translated from Farsi by Ali Noori

Just one detail [Solo un detalle ]

written by Karina García Albadiz
translated from Spanish by Ella Konefal