table of contents

Spring 2023 issue

table of contents

Cobweb Clues: Counting [蛛丝迹:数]

written by Jiemin Liu (刘洁岷)
translated from Chinese by Yi Feng

Poetica [Poética]

written by Manuel Bandeira
translated from Portuguese by Fernando Ursine

I Want To [Aku Ingin]

written by Sapardi Djoko Damono
translated from Bahasa indonesia by Dian Febrianti

House house [Дом дом]

written by Valeriya Krutova
translated from Russian by Ryan Hardy

Undine Goes [Undine Geht]

written by Ingeborg Bachmann
translated from German by Ailie Margot

Eight Epigrams on the Sudden Loss of a Son [Eight Epigrams on the Sudden Loss of a Son ]

written by Moses Ibn Ezra
translated from Hebrew by Ben Notis

Without a title [Sin título]

written by Rosalía de Castro
translated from Spanish by James Mesiti

Leave Me Only A Song [Palik Tik Dainą Man]

written by Paulius Širvys
translated from Lithuanian by Ash Maria

The Elm-King [Der Erlkönig]

written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
translated from German by Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford

Elm-King's Daughter [Erlkönigs Tochter]

written by Johann Gottfried von Herder
translated from German by Benjamin McAvoy-Bickford

Lost and Found

by Aiyana Nosizwe Mate

Living in the Hills: Impromptu Verses [山居即事]

written by Wang Wei (王維)
translated from Chinese by Yudi Xie

Children's Duties [หน้าท’่เด็ก]

written by Cha-um Panchaphan
translated from Thai by John Viano and Peeriya Pongsarigun

Net [जाल]

written by Padma Sachdev (पद्मा सचदेव)
translated from Hindi by Abigail Tuscano

Send Me Your News and Kisses to All [Dammi tue notizie e un bacio a tutti]

written by Valerio Grutt
translated from Italian by Anna Aresi

For Kira [За Киру]

written by Alina Khaitlina
translated from Russian by Yehudith Dashevsky

Ghazal 97 [Gazel 97]

written by Mostarli Hasan Ziyâî
translated from Turkish by Denis Ferhatovic

Sonnet [Soneto]

written by Guillermo Blest Gana
translated from Spanish by Madison Weiss

To Sell Milk in Brindavana [ಬೃಂದಾವನಕೆ ಹಾಲನು ಮಾರಲು]

written by Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa
translated from Kannada by Nesara Shree

Music [La Musique]

written by Marie Krysińska
translated from French by Samantha Pious

Ancient, I am dazed by the voice [Antico, sono ubriacato dalla voce]

written by Eugenio Montale
translated from Italian by Carla Rossi

All That Glitters [淡泊]

written by Liu Guo-Fang (刘国芳)
translated from Chinese by Chardonnay Needler

1964 [1964]

written by Jorge Luis Borges
translated from Spanish by Samantha DeStefano

To Read in Case of Snow [Te Lezen bij Sneeuw]

written by Esther Jansma
translated from Dutch by C.H. Henry

Don't Bother the Earth Spirit [Don't Bother the Earth Spirit]

written by Joy Harjo
translated from English by DoubleSpeak Staff

Untitled (from the Salad Anniversary Collection) [サラダ記念日]

written by Machi Tawara
translated from Japanese by DoubleSpeak Staff