Yan An

他的可疑的行程    在夏天的北方
走向高潮    他的忽而被群峰突出

一边是草原    一边是沙地的情景
令他迷惑    他看见
他们结伴而行    消失般地奔赴远处

一晃而过时看到瞭望者的    我看到了宽边草帽下


一只白天鹅 (也许仅仅是一个类似的白乎乎的事物) 和它的不太真实的白 在秋天的天池里 在比新疆还远的地方 和镜子睡在一起 一块有弯度的巨石和它的黑青苔 和一大堆白花花的鸟粪 在大河上空的危崖上 在古代的风中 在一只试图确定 飞翔姿态的鸟的翅翼下 和时间睡在一起 一条蛇在丛林中蜕掉白皮 (这一切只是在想象之中) 追逐一只饥饿的老虎未果 在迷失了返回洞穴的道路之后 由于恐惧而仓皇逃窜 天黑之前它要赶到旷野上 和乌云 月亮睡在一起 我父亲和他的白发 以及他的黑皮中的白骨 今夜在故乡的梦中和我的梦中 闪着无处安放的白花花的寒光 和某种难以名状的忧伤 和北方的群山睡在一起



Chen Du and Xisheng Chen

The suspicious odyssey of an onlooker 
Wearing a broad-brimmed straw hat in the northern summer
Is reaching its climax — sometimes punctuated by peaks
Otherwise concealed by a gloomy canyon —
And is obviously slowing down
While gradually approaching a desert

A prairie on one side and a sandy land on the other
The views bewilder him who also witnesses
A river wagging its tail and a startled lizard 
Too desperate to choose its path
Travel together, hurriedly vanishing into the distance

It is when a truck faster than a river rushes by
That I behold the onlooker, his bewilderment
Unconcealable by the shadow under his broad-brimmed straw hat
And his abruptly stopped journey
With an apex mingled with slight abjection

Sleeping with a Mirror

A white swan (Or maybe just a similar whitish thing) And its somewhat unreal whiteness In an autumn heavenly lake A place farther than Xinjiang Are sleeping with a mirror A massive, curved boulder with black moss And a large heap of shining-white bird droppings On a precipitous cliff above a great river In the ancient wind, under the wings Of a bird determining its flight gesture Are sleeping with time A snake having sloughed off its white skin in a jungle (All these exist only in imagination) Fruitlessly chased a hungry tiger Lost its way back to its pit And hence fled hurriedly out of fright Needs to hasten to the moors before night falls To sleep with gloomy clouds and the moon My father and his grey hair As well as his white bones under his dark skin All glittering with chilling white shimmers With nowhere to rest And with certain indescribable melancholy In the homeland’s dreams and mine tonight Are sleeping with the northern mountains