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Spring 2021 issue

table of contents

each day the sun slits the throat of its former self [chaque jour le soleil égorge son spectre]

written by Amina Saïd
translated from French by Ashley Sniffen

A Chain Verse [连环诗: 赏花归去]

written by Su Shi
translated from Chinese by Gil Lehmann, Jacey Chang, and Yehudith Dashevsky

Shapes in Sleep: Eight Poems [Schlafgestalten: acht Gedichte]

written by Paul Celan
translated from German by David Ting

Come [Ven]

written by Cristina Peri Rossi
translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Rose

Choose [ إختاري ]

written by Nizar Qabbani
translated from Arabic by Leah Baxter

Listen! [Послушайте!]

written by Vladimir Mayakovsky
translated from Russian by Ryan Hardy

Four Poems [Cuatro poemas]

written by Tamara Grosso
translated from Spanish by Claudia Nuñez de Ibieta

Winter []

written by Kobayashi Issa
translated from Japanese by Vanessa Hu

The Sand and the Angel [La sabbia e l’angelo]

written by Margherita Guidacci
translated from Italian by Quinn Gruber

To a Black Dancer [A une danseuse noire]

written by David Diop
translated from French by Samantha DeStefano

Onlooker; Sleeping with a Mirror [瞭望者; 和镜子睡在一起]

written by Yan An
translated from Chinese by Chen Du and Xisheng Chen

The Butterfly — June 4th, 1942 [Der Schmetterling — 4. Juni 1942]

written by Pavel Friedmann
translated from German by Karina Carreras

Verb [Verbo]

written by Pablo Neruda
translated from Spanish by Heta Patel

Two Poems by Qasmūna bint Ismā‘il

written by Qasmūna bint Ismā‘il
translated from Arabic by Maria Dahvana Headley

Interview with Maria Dahvana Headley

by Taije Silverman and DoubleSpeak Staff

“From what mistake”; Like an illusion, poetry [어떤 과오로부터; 환영처럼 시가]

written by Kim Soon Mi
translated from Korean by Nadia Park


written by Osip Mandelstam
translated from Russian by Elizabeth Balabayev

The City [Byen]

written by Sigbjørn Obstfelder
translated from Norwegian by Jordan Barger

Epitaph For When I Die; Women [Epitaphe quand je mourrai; Femmes]

written by Mariama Ndiaye
translated from French by Donnisa Edmonds

Epitaph to “Wild Grass” [《野草》题辞 ]

written by Lu Xun
translated from Chinese by Chardonnay Needler

Eclipse [Eclipse]

written by Carlos de Assumpção
translated from Portuguese by Pedro Lino

Transfigured Night [Verklärte Nacht]

written by Richard Dehmel
translated from German by Jonathan Iwry

Declines of the monologue [Declinaciones del monólogo]

written by Eunice Odio
translated from Spanish by Couloir Hanson

A Letter of Menakhem-Mendl [ מכתב של מנחם-מנדל ]

written by Nathan Alterman
translated from Hebrew by Dan Ben-Amos

I want to live with you [Я бы хотела жить с Вами]

written by Marina Tsvetaeva
translated from Russian by Wenhan Zhang

Some Later Day [먼 후일]

written by Kim Sowol
translated from Korean by Younghoon Jeong and Saagar Asnani

Millibars of the storm [Millibars de l’orage]

written by Aimé Césaire
translated from French by Sue Jia

If Heritage Were Called Hither-Air [Wenn Die Herkunft Herluft Hiesse]

written by Marica Bodrožić
translated from German by Qingyang Zhou

The Greatest Ink [La mejor tinta]

written by Armando Valladares
translated from Spanish by Margaret Lawlace

Lilies [Krinovi]

written by Mak Dizdar
translated from Bosnian by Emma Arsekin

Eternity [L’Éternité]

written by Arthur Rimbaud
translated from French by Keshav Sharma

Romance of the moon and the child [Romance de la luna, luna.]

written by Federico García Lorca
translated from Spanish by Darío Goldgel Carballo

Diary of the Lockdown Lifted [开封日记]

written by Zhang Zhihao
translated from Chinese by DoubleSpeak Staff