table of contents

Spring 2018 issue

table of contents

Black Woman [Femme Noire]

written by Léopold Sédar Senghor
translated from French by Donnisa Edmonds

Here I Love You [Aquí te amo]

written by Pablo Neruda
translated from Spanish by Sam Friskey

Where Does Such Tenderness Come From? [Откуда такая нежность?]

written by Marina Tsvetaeva
translated from Russian by Jianing Zhao

Repose [Giacere]

written by Antonia Pozzi
translated from Italian by Stephanie Diaz

Three Sonnets extracted from Les Amours [Trois Sonnets extraits de Les Amours]

written by Pierre de Ronsard
translated from Middle French by Saagar Asnani

Meadow in the Forest [Die Wiese im Wald]

written by Paul Celan
translated from German by Michaela Kotziers

As Much As You Can [Όσο Mπορείς Αναγνωρισμένα]

written by C. P. Cavafy
translated from Greek by Josh Bryer

Riddle 47 [Riddle 47]

written by Anonymous
translated from Old English, Middle French, English by Samantha Pious

If You Don't Come Home, I'm Too Afraid to Age [你不来,我不敢老去]

written by Li Jizong
translated from Chinese by Kejia Wang

Wait [Warte]

written by Nelly Sachs
translated from German by Alex Stern

Poesia [Poesia]

written by Giovanni Pascoli
translated from Italian by Stefano Pietrosanti

The Birth of the Poem [O Nascimento do poema]

written by Adélia Prado
translated from Portuguese by Ellen Doré Watson

Fair Lady Yü [虞美人]

written by Li Yu
translated from Chinese by Yuchao Wang

Life Song [Lebenslied]

written by Paul Celan
translated from German by Michaela Kotziers

Moon [ירח]

written by Nathan Alterman
translated from Hebrew by Josh Glahn

Memories Watch Me [Minnena Ser Mig]

written by Tomas Tranströmer
translated from Swedish by Rhosean Asmah

You Are Not Poetry [Poesía no eres tú]

written by Rosario Castellanos
translated from Spanish by Stephanie Diaz

O Motherland, My Dear Motherland [祖国啊,我亲爱的祖国]

written by Shu Ting
translated from Chinese by Vivian Yuxin Wen

From Requiem [Из “Реквием”]

written by Anna Akhmatova
translated from Russian by Yehudith Dashevsky

The Meditated Death [La morte meditata]

written by Giuseppe Ungaretti
translated from Italian by Carla Rossi

The Verb [El verbo]

written by Mario Benedetti
translated from Spanish by Ella Konefal

In the Pyre of War [בִּמְדוּרוֹת מִלְחָמָה]

written by Hannah Szenes
translated from Hebrew by Jacob Hershman