table of contents

Fall 2016 issue

table of contents

all Your breakers and Your waves [ כל משבריך וגליך]

written by Dahlia Ravikovitch
translated from Hebrew by Mira Revesz

Excerpts from Va où [Extraits de Va où]

written by Valérie Rezeau
translated from French by Malika Kadyrova

A Tree in Blossom [《一棵开花的树》]

written by Xi Murong
translated from Chinese by Tina Zhu

As I Wait for You [너를 기다리는 동안]

written by Hwang Ji-woo
translated from Korean by Jin Ah Lee

To an Oak [致橡树]

written by Shu Ting
translated from Chinese by Johnathan Zheng

Heart-rind [Corazón coraza]

written by Mario Benedetti
translated from Spanish by Rafael Rodriguez

Leaning Into the Afternoons [Poema XVII]

written by Pablo Neruda
translated from Spanish by Naomi Bernstein

I Would Like to Die Before You [Ben Senden Önce Ölmek İsterim]

written by Nâzım Hikmet
translated from Turkish by Keyla Çavdar

Métaphysique des tubes [Métaphysique des tubes]

written by Amélie Nothomb
translated from French by Kathleen Zhou

Under One Little Star [Pod jedną gwiazdką]

written by Wisława Szymborska
translated from Polish by VanJessica Gladney

By the Água Grande [Lá no Água Grande]

written by Alda do Espírito Santo
translated from Portuguese by Marisa Bruno

The Paths [Пътеките]

written by Pavel Matev
translated from Bulgarian by Mirela Zaneva

From Requiem [Реквием]

written by Anna Akhmatova
translated from Russian by Yehudith Dashevsky

Then and Today [Teli tu’ az]

written by Naji Munawar
translated from Kashmiri by Suvir Kaul

A New Day Will Dawn [nov subah pholi]

written by Som Nath Bhat “Veer”
translated from Kashmiri by Suvir Kaul

Notes on the Afterlives

by Keyla Çavdar

Cucumber [Salatalık]

written by Nâzım Hikmet
translated from Turkish by Monica Wojciechowski

The Ninth Letter: On the Platform [ على رصيف المحطة]

written by Nizar Qabbani
translated from Arabic by Michael Karam

You Don’t Love Me, You Don’t Pity Me [Ты меня не любишь, не жалеешь]

written by Sergei Yesenin
translated from Russian by Malika Kadyrova

Under the Custody of Time [Propiedad de la espera]

written by Alejandro Zambra
translated from Spanish by Roberto Rodriguez

Three Sonnets [Three Sonnets]

written by La Compiuta Donzella
translated from Italian by Samantha Pious

Fine Untitled [Może być bez tytułu]

written by Wisława Szymborska
translated from Polish by Monica Wojciechowski

Clockwork Doll [בובה ממוכנת]

written by Dahlia Ravikovitch
translated from Hebrew by Alexandra Pierson

Balcony [Le Balcon]

written by Charles Baudelaire
translated from French by Shilpa Saravanan

Pirate King [Ou temps qu’Alixandre regna]

written by François Villon
translated from French by Samantha Pious

Herzeloyde [Parzival, Book III]

written by Wolfram von Eschenbach
translated from German by Michaela Kotziers

azalea [진달래꽃]

written by Kim Sowol
translated from Korean by DoubleSpeak Staff

Testament [Testamento]

written by Maria Luisa Spaziani
translated from Italian by Shailly Pandey

Sleeping on a Night of Autumn [秋雨夜眠]

written by Bai Juyi
translated from Chinese by Jasmine Phun

Salute and Wish [Saluto e augurio]

written by Pier Paolo Pasolini
translated from Friulian, Italian by Stefano Pietrosanti