poetry > spring 2016

La Gaviota

Pablo Neruda

La gaviota abrió con destreza,
con espuma, con estupor,
dos direcciones peregrinas
y así se mantuvo en el cielo
con dos alas, dos claridades,
dos secretarias de la luz
hasta que voló, sin embargo,
hacia el este y hacia el oeste,
hacia el norte y hacia la nieve,
hacia la Luna y hacia el Sol.

The Seagull

translated from Spanish by Gregorio Doblehablante

The seagull opened its wings skillfully, 
with seafoam, with stupor, 
two pilgrim directions, 
and like this it remains in the sky
with two wings, two shining rays
two helpers of light
until it flew, nonetheless, 
to the east and to the west,
to the north and to the snow, 
to the moon and to the sun.

Note on Translation

"La Gaviota" was published in Neruda's book Arte de pájaros (Bird’s art). During the fall semester of 2014, we undertook this translating task as an opportunity to face the polysemantic nature of all languages. In that sense, we submit these translations as the work of a collective author named Gregorio Doblehablante.

GREGORIO DOBLEHABLANTE (“Gregory DoubleSpeak”) is the pseudonym of a collective author group consisting of five undergraduates and two graduate student supervisors. The included translations are collective projects done in Casa Hispana, a Modern Language Program that takes place in Gregory College House, a student residence at the University of Pennsylvania. Casa Hispana is a language program designed to help residents in Gregory College House and students throughout campus to improve their speaking skills in Spanish. It is also a place of encounter where students can learn more about Latin American, Latino, and Hispanic cultures.