Some Later Day

먼 후일


Kim Sowol

먼 훗날 당신이 찾으시면
그때에 내 말이 잊었노라.

당신이 속으로 나무라면
무척 그리다가 잊었노라.

그래도 당신이 나무라면
믿기지 않아서 잊었노라.

오늘도 어제도 아니 잊고
먼 훗날 그때에 잊었노라.

Some Later Day


Younghoon Jeong and Saagar Asnani

If in the distant future you seek me,
Then at that time, I will say, “I forgot.”

If you do blame me silently within,
“Having truly longed for you, I forgot.”

If you would still insist on blaming me,
“Since I could not accept it, I forgot.”

I, neither today nor the day before,
But on that distant future day, forgot.