DoubleSpeak is the University of Pennsylvania's journal on and of translation, run by undergraduates at the university. It is one of the only university-based translation magazines in the United States. Here at DoubleSpeak, we strive to represent and celebrate a number of different languages, countries, and cultures by publishing interpretations of the work of poets and writers across centuries and around the world.


HETA PATEL, editor-in-chief, is a senior studying Health and Societies, Chemistry, and Hispanic studies. Language, for her, is an extension of her interest in understanding people, the way they think, and the way their bodies interact with the world. Although this interest has largely manifested itself in her pursuing medicine and immersing herself in Spanish, she has also found writing and translating poetry instrumental in her desire to learn more about the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys curating her Spotify playlists and bullet journaling.

ZHIQIAO (KATE) JIANG, senior editor, is a junior from Hangzhou, China studying Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering in the VIPER program. Passionate about science, she also loves language and translation because of the creative liberty between staying true to the original texts and sounding natural in the target language. She started learning Spanish in sixth grade because of Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing classic rock records, and watching soccer games (¡Força Barça!).

QUINN GRUBER, staff editor, copy editor, and lead graphic designer, is a junior in the College studying English and Italian. When they aren’t translating or writing poetry, you can usually find them talking excitedly about zines, knitting, playing the violin, or laughing very loudly at silly jokes.

ASHLEY SNIFFEN, staff editor and lead copy editor, is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying History of Art and French and Francophone Studies. Passionate about art, language, and education, she enjoys staring at the paintings hanging on white walls of museums and creating events supporting artists and cultural institutions. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, basking in nature, and watching college basketball games.

CHARDONNAY NEEDLER, copy editor and copyright regulator, is a sophomore studying International Relations and either Chinese, English or Linguistics (she has yet to decide!) She is an aspiring polyglot and amateur singer from Sacramento, California. She enjoys singing virtually for elderly patients in senior care facilities and as part of Penn’s Premier Chinese A Cappella group, PennYo. Her favorite poets are Léopold Senghor and Luxun.

MIA KIM, graphic designer, is a 2023 student in the College majoring in Design and minoring in Computer Science and Spanish. When she is not designing, she enjoys playing tennis, learning languages, and listening to rock!

COULOIR HANSON, staff editor and copy editor, is a daughter of three worlds: Costa Rica, Germany, and the United States. Her favorite authors are magical realists, like Juan Rulfo and Julio Cortázar and Gabriel García Márquez—authors who challenge objective reality. Outside of DoubleSpeak, Couloir enjoys picking wildflowers, playing chess, and singing opera. After graduating from Penn, Couloir will work in real estate, where she hopes to use her whimsy to see what is and imagine what could be.

RYAN HARDY, staff editor and copy editor, is an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a degree in Russian and Eastern European studies. He holds various writing and editing positions for the School of Russian and Asian Studies, Pomona College Vestnik, and Doublespeak Magazine. Ryan’s main research interests lie in the study of underground cultural movements in Soviet and post-Soviet Eurasia, most recently focusing on the Leningrad Rock and Siberian Punk movements of the 1980s and 90s. He enjoys reading, climbing, and getting lost on walks. He plans to continue learning languages, having most recently started a course in Czech. Ryan’s collaborative translation of Tamara Dmitrievna Skoblikova-Kudryavtseva’s memoir, Words for Oneself, is due for release by the end of 2021.

NISHA NALAWADE, staff editor, is a freshman hoping to major in International Relations/Political Science & Environmental Studies. She loves learning about different cultures and perspectives. While born in Connecticut, she later lived in Amsterdam and New Delhi before moving back to the US at a young age. This early exposure to different languages and cultures has given her a global lens to see the world and a love of understanding and communicating with different people through language. After learning Spanish in high school she is starting to learn Italian this year. She’s passionate about nature that has been a constant for her through moving homes in her childhood. She’s also passionate about music and enjoys listening to music from all cultures and languages. In her free time she likes to enjoy nature and trials, hosts a radio show through UPenn’s radio station, plays the piano, makes playlists, and also collects vinyl records.

LIWA SUN, staff editor and copy editor, is a freshman studying English and Economics. She is a poet and a lover hailing from China. There is nothing that brings her more joy than language, texts, and literature. She aspires to be someone who does not lie to herself. Her favorite writer is Jorge Luis Borges. Besides Doublespeak, she also spends time doing comedy and satire writing. 

faculty advisor

TAIJE SILVERMAN is the author of Houses Are Fields, a collection of poems. Newer work has been in Best American Poetry, The Pushcart Prize anthology, and various journals. Her translated Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli (with Marina Della Putta Johnston) was published by Princeton University Press in 2019. Perhaps her favorite thing about her job is the course she teaches each year on translating poetry (ENG 120/ COML 121). She also loves ashtanga yoga, twix bars, the sound of rain, and her son's devotion to cats.