DoubleSpeak is the University of Pennsylvania's journal on and of translation, run by undergraduates at the university. It is one of the only university-based translation magazines in the United States. Here at DoubleSpeak, we strive to represent and celebrate a number of different languages, countries, and cultures by publishing interpretations of the work of poets and writers across centuries and around the world.


RHOSEAN ASMAH, editor-in-chief, is a senior majoring in Linguistics with minors in both French and Fine Arts. She has always been interested in languages and culture, which led her to take a class about the translation of poetry in the spring of her freshman year. Since then, she has found that she does like poetry and further, loves the challenge that comes with translating it. She also likes doing yoga, going to art museums, and reading.

YUXIN (VIVIAN) WEN, senior editor, is a senior from Jiangsu, China, majoring in comparative literature and minoring in creative writing. She named herself “Vivian” because she loves the Vivian in the film Pretty Woman, although, in hindsight, it is really a cliché story with a cliché ending. In Romance languages, “viv” also means “to be alive.”

ROBERT CHEN, staff editor, studies chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. He pursues German because German is the language of chemistry, which in turn is the language of life.

QUINN GRUBER, staff editor and graphic designer, is a sophomore from New York studying English and Italian poetry. As a kid, they used to read the family copy of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which probably explains why they refuse to use Oxford. They started learning Italian to help with their violin studies and quickly fell in love with the language. In their free time, they play in a quartet, hang out at the Kelly Writers House, and go on long walks. If you have a spare copy of an Italian dictionary, let them know.

ZHIQIAO (KATE) JIANG, lead copyright regulator and staff editor, is a sophomore from Hangzhou, China studying chemistry and materials science engineering in the VIPER program. Passionate about science, she also appreciates the art of integrative humanities. She loves conversations in philosophy, and she started learning Spanish in sixth grade because of Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing the piano, and watching soccer games (¡Força Barça!).

HETA PATEL, marketing chair and staff editor, is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Health and Societies, Chemistry, and Hispanic Studies. Besides playing the viola and the piano, writing poetry, and composing music, she thoroughly enjoys doodling in her bullet journal. Her ardent love for language and its nuances stems from her introduction to Spanish and Latin in middle school. When she’s not immersing herself into the literary world, she can be found working as an EMT on campus and volunteering on projects that assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

ASHLEY SNIFFEN, staff editor and copy editor, is a sophomore in the College with a passion for languages and art. She has been speaking French since the age of five and enjoys a good crepe. In addition to her love for writing and reading, she enjoys spending time on the water, and is a self-proclaimed expert of college basketball.

STEPHANIE DIAZ, staff editor and marketing team member, is a senior from Georgia studying French and Francophone Studies with minors in art history and sociology. She speaks English and Spanish natively and has studied French for about seven years. She loves art in all forms, from paintings of the Dutch Golden Era to curated instagrams and home decor. Her life's goal is to live in a cottage or cabin near an alpine lake with her future dogs.

JULIE FLANDREAU, staff editor, is a freshman from Paris, France, planning to major in Comparative Literature and minor in Musicology and Classical Studies. Sometimes she dreams of a small, gray space with large windows in which there would be coffee and precious words. She would place it in Berlin. Certainly, it will never materialize but she thinks of Patti Smith's words and knows "the solitary hours [she]'d spent drinking coffee at the card table, awash in the radiance of [her] dream café, are enough [...]". (M Train, Patti Smith).

ZANE GRENOBLE, staff editor and copy editoris a freshman from Los Angeles studying International Studies and Business in the Huntsman Program. He enjoys training for triathlons, practicing Spanish, and going to the beach.


MIA KIM, graphic designer, is a freshman in the College studying design. She loves learning languages, and is currently interested in Spanish, Russian, and Esperanto. In her free time, she you can find her playing tennis or stealing an absurd amount of saltine crackers from the dining hall.

SUBIN KIM, copy editor, is a freshman from Wexford, PA with a tentative major in linguistics. Born in Italy and raised in Italy, Korea, and the U.S., the richness of the language and culture of her ever-changing environments instilled in her from a young age a deep wonder and appreciation for language. She did live translation from Korean to English all throughout high school, and has come to view translation as the art of bridging cultures and expansion and sharing of experiences. She loves clementines so much that in the winter (prime-time for clementines) she eats a bag of them everyday, gets an upset stomach as well as bumps on her tongue due to excess citric acid, but still convinces herself that the only way to get better is to eat more clementines.

CHARDONNAY NEEDLER, copy editor and copyright regulator

ANIKA PRAKASH, copy editor, is a freshman in the College who's really excited to be joining Doublespeak. She loves writing poetry and currently serves as the editor-in-chief of Red Queen Literary Magazine.

STACY SHIMANUKI, staff editor, is a freshman in the Huntsman program from the SF Bay Area who's excited to be a staff editor. She loves living abroad, nature, anything with sugar, and taking walks outside at night :)

SHUKE ZHENG, marketing team member and copyright regulator

faculty advisor

TAIJE SILVERMAN is the author of Houses Are Fields, a collection of poems. Newer work has been in Best American Poetry, The Pushcart Prize anthology, and various journals. Her translated Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli (with Marina Della Putta Johnston) was published by Princeton University Press in 2019. Perhaps her favorite thing about her job is the course she teaches each year on translating poetry (ENG 120/ COML 121). She also loves ashtanga yoga, twix bars, the sound of rain, and her son's devotion to cats.